Perpetual Motion

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I remember like it was yesterday grabbing breakfast with Jack and Nat at the old Bucks County Coffee shop on Locust (which seems to now be defunct and renamed Saxbys).  PlaceVine had just won the Wharton Venture Award along with the companies that these guys were starting and I was eager to hear what they were up to - the Wharton undergrads were 1000x more credible as entrepreneurs than anyone in the MBA program.

It is easy to say in retrospect, but it didn’t take longer than 5 minutes sitting with them to recognize that whatever these guys did, through sheer force of will and intellect, was going to be successful (as the WSJ article mentions, they really didn’t know what they were going to do at that point!). ¬†They carried themselves more articulately than guys twice their age, they there were the real deal (not to mention incredibly nice guys).

Jack/Nat - you guys are rockstars and couldn’t be more deserving!